• HRF147S-masonic-aprons-2th-order-rite-french-gyptis-high-degrees-wisdom-great-chapters-high-workshops-lodges-fm
  • HRF147S-masonic-aprons-2th-order-rite-french-gyptis-high-degrees-wisdom-great-chapters-high-workshops-fm-lodges
  • HRF147S-masonic-aprons-2th-order-rite-french-gyptis-high-degrees-wisdom-great-chapters-high-fm-workshops-lodges
  • HRF147S-masonic-aprons-2th-order-rite-french-gyptis-high-degrees-wisdom-great-chapters-fm-high-workshops-lodges
  • HRF147S-masonic-aprons-2th-order-rite-french-gyptis-high-degrees-wisdom-great-fm-chapters-high-workshops-lodges

2th Order Apron - French Rite - HRF 147S

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Masonic apron of the 2nd Order of the Grand Chapters of the French Rite with square, compass and 3-5-7-9

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Masonic Regalia French Rite Chapter 2th degree Apron

Nicely HAND EMBROIDERED with golden bullion and silk threads

Embroideries : square, compass, 3-5-7-9

Dimensions: Height 32 cm x Width 39 cm

Red fabric on back with glove pocket back

Red synthetic belt with gold snake clasp

Belt and buckle available individually in the "accessories" section

HRF 147S
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