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  • BCH118-maconic-jewelry-9e-dege-aasr-reaa-loges-gold-blade-silver-french-modern-memphis-scotish-rite-fm
  • BCH118-maconic-jewelry-9e-dege-aasr-reaa-loges-gold-blade-silver-french-modern-memphis-scotish-fm-rite

Jewel 9th Degree - AASR - BCH 118

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Masonic jewel of the 9th degree of the AASR with gilded blade with fine silver

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Masonic jewel gilded with fine gold and silver, without lead or cadmium

Handle (guard) gilded with fine gold

Blade gilded with fine silver

Size : H 11.5 cm x W 3 cm

Ring for collar attachment

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