• TRFM058C-masonic-worshipful-master-french-modern-rite-rer-glnf-decorations-symbols-tools-accessories-lodges-fm
  • TRFM058C-masonic-worshipful-master-french-modern-rite-rer-glnf-decorations-symbols-tools-accessories-fm-lodges
  • TRFM058C-masonic-worshipful-master-french-modern-rite-rer-glnf-decorations-symbols-tools-fm-accessories-lodges
  • TRFM058C-masonic-worshipful-master-french-modern-rite-rer-glnf-decorations-symbols-fm-tools-accessories-lodges
  • TRFM058C-masonic-worshipful-master-french-modern-rite-rer-glnf-decorations-fm-symbols-tools-accessories-lodges

Whorshipful Master Apron - French Modern Rite - TRFM 058C

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Masonic apron of Worshipful Master of the Modern French Rite with 3 hand-embroidered taus and 2 gold pendants with 7 chains


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Masonic Master apron made on high quality white vinyl (simulated leather)

Nicely Hand Embroidered using golden bulion threads

Embroidery : 3 pele blue taus with golden border

Dimensions: height 32 cm x width 39 cm

Pele Blue fabric on back with glove pocket back

5 cm pele blue silk moiré (watemark) ribbon on apron border and 4 cm on flap

5 cm pele blue silk moiré (watermark) side tabs with golden metal tassels (7 chain balls)

Pele blue polyester adjustable waist belt with golden metal snake clasp

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