• TRFM050C-masonic-apronse-whorshipful-master-french-moderne-rite-rfm-decoration-symbols-objects-fm
  • TRFM050C-masonic-apronse-whorshipful-master-french-moderne-rite-rfm-decoration-symbols-fm-objects
  • TRFM050C-masonic-apronse-whorshipful-master-french-moderne-rite-rfm-decoration-fm-symbols-objects
  • TRFM050C-masonic-apronse-whorshipful-master-french-moderne-rite-rfm-fm-decoration-symbols-objects
  • TRFM050C-masonic-apronse-whorshipful-master-french-moderne-rite-fm-rfm-decoration-symbols-objects
  • TRFM050C-masonic-apronse-whorshipful-master-french-moderne-fm-rite-rfm-decoration-symbols-objects

Whorshipful Master Apron - French Modern Rite - TRFM 050C

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Tablier maçonnique de Vénérable Maitre du Rite Français Moderne avec colonnes, taus, lune, soleil, équerre, compas

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Masonic apron in white silky satin with sky blue borders

Hand embroidered with gold and silk thread

Embroidery: columns, 3 taus, moon, sun, square, compass

Dimensions: H 32 cm x W 39 cm

Light blue back

Pocket for gloves

Black elastic belt with gold snake clasp

Belt and buckle available individually in the "accessories" section

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