• SRM017P-sautoir-cordon-maconnique-officier-1er-premier-surveillant-rite-memphis-misraim-venise-toulouse-decors-egyptien-goe-fm

1st Supervisor - Officer - Memphis Misraim Guard - SRM 017P

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Masonic Regalia First guard's collar of Memphis Misraim Rite with acacia crown

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Masonic Regalia collar of First Guard of Memphis Misraim Rite made on turquoise moiré (watermark) ribbon with purple border

Nicely HAND EMBROIDERED with golden threads with black accents

Embroideries : First Guard's symbol in acacia crown

Black printed fabric on back : skull, bone and 9 ties

Metal hook on back at bottom for jewel attachment

SRM 017P
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