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All our Masonic decorations are entirely hand-embroidered. Our jewellery is gilded with fine gold and/or fine silver. Our vestments are made on site in France by a professional seamstress.

Payments by credit card are secured by the 3D SECURE approved system.

Secure payment possible in 4 instalments free of charge by credit card (payment spread over 3 months).

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Shipping worldwide

We ship our products within 24 to 48 working hours to any country in the world. A tracking number is sent for each order.

We cut our prices

Our prices are calculated to offer the best possible quality.

Secure payments

Payments by credit card are secured by the 3D SECURE approved system.

We can personalise your decorations, medals, banners or pins.

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Made-to-measure decorations

We can make your Masonic decorations to measure from a drawing, photo or montage.

This hand-embroidered apron was made by adding the lion of Venice.

Custom lodge medals

We can make your lodge medals to measure and in the dimensions you require.

This medal was made from a montage.

Custom banners or standards

We can make your banners to measure.

This entirely hand-embroidered banner is based on a photo of the old banner.

Made-to-measure pins or jewellery

We can make your pins or jewellery to measure according to the dimensions or colours required.

This pin was made from a drawing.


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