Masonic accessories and articles for freemasonry decorations of all rites and obediences
Items to improve, embellish or repair Masonic decorations
We do our utmost to improve the quality and functionality of our Masonic decorations
Our accessories can be personalised on request

Masonic accessories for freemasonry decorations


  • Belts

    Masonic belts with gold or silver snake buckle and clasp

    Accessories for masonic aprons

    Extensions, for masonic apron belts

    Elastic or synthetic belts

  • Belt Buckles

    Masonic belt buckles with gold or silver snake clasp

    Accessory for masonic aprons

  • Rosettes

    Masonic Rosettes on Velcro

    Several colors to choose

    Diameter : 6 cm

    Accessories for Masonic Aprons, Collars or Sashes

  • Pendants

    Masonic Pendants with 7 Golden or Silver Chains

    Accessories for masonic aprons

  • Ties and Bow Ties

    Masonic ties and bow ties

    Several colors and patterns available

    Customizable accessories on request

    Gift idea

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