French Rite

Masonic decorations, jewels and accessories of the French Rite called Groussier
Our Masonic decorations are entirely hand-embroidered with gold and silk thread
Our aprons are delivered with a pocket for gloves
Our collars and Harnesses and Cords are delivered with a snap hook to hang a jewel
All our designs can be personalised on request

Masonic decorations, jewellery and accessories of the French Groussier Rite


  • Aprons
  • Sashes
  • Caps

    Masonic Regalia headgear, caps, kippas, hats, masonic tricorns of all rites

    Nicely HAND EMBROIDERED with golden threads with black accents

    Available sizes, 55 to 62 depending on the headdress

    Our caps are customizable upon request

  • Worshipful Master Collars

    Worshipful Master of French Rite Groussier collars or sashes in turquoise blue moiré ribbon

    Entirely hand-embroidered in gold and silk thread

    Black back printed with skull, bone and 9 teardrops

    Comes with metal hook for hanging jewelry

    Customizable on request

  • Officers Collars

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