Your payment has been refused? Here are the solutions!

Your payment was refused?

If your transaction failed, it means that your bank or credit card company refused the transaction.

Decors & Symbols listed all possible reasons for the refusal in order to help you.


A bad entry of your credit card information: Did you note the 16 digits on the front of the card, the expiry date and the visual cryptogram (the three digits on the back of your card on the signature panel).

Your card is no longer valid (expired).

Your card does not have sufficient credit.

You have exceeded the limit authorized by your bank.

You have not received your confirmation code. Your bank has forgotten or incorrectly configured your contact information to receive the security code.

Your card is not accepted on our website.

You have been inactive for too long on the payment page. You have been automatically disconnected for security reasons.


Check the correct entry of your bank details, the expiry date of the latter and if it is accepted on our site.

Check with your bank the amount of your limit or use the 3X payment free of charge.

Check if you have received a confirmation code via SMS. If it is a joint account, ask your spouse if she/he would have received the confirmation code.

Check with your bank that your credit card is connected to your mobile phone in order to receive the confirmation code by SMS.

Do not delay to enter your credit card numbers otherwise you will be automatically disconnected.

If despite these solutions you cannot pay with your credit card, Decors & Symbols offers you to pay through another payment method available on the site.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail at:, or by telephone at +33616772194.

We thank you for your understanding.