• TAP001-masonic-aprons-apprentice-companion-ceremonies-initiation-reception-freemasonry-decorations-accessories-lodges-fm
  • TAP001-masonic-aprons-apprentice-companion-ceremonies-initiation-reception-freemasonry-decorations-accessories-fm-lodges
  • TAP001-masonic-aprons-apprentice-companion-ceremonies-initiation-reception-freemasonry-decorations-fm-accessories-lodges

Apprentice or Companion Apron - TAP 001

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White Companion or Entered Apprentice Apron for initiation's ceremonies

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White Companion or Entered Apprentice Apron with flap (bib)

Apron made on white vinyl (simulated leather)

Size : H 22 cm x W 33 cm

11 cm high 180 degree movable flap

1 cm wide ribbon on border

White fine polyester fabric lining on back whith glove pocket

White elactic adjustable waist belt whith chrome metal snake clasp

TAP 001
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