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  • MSC330-pendants-masonic-necklaces-silver-eye-horus-oudjat-women-gifts-rite-memphis-misraim-fm
  • MSC330-pendants-masonic-necklaces-silver-eye-horus-oudjat-women-gifts-rite-memphis-fm-misraim

Udjat Collar - Eye of Horus Silver - Macon Jewellery - MSC 330

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Necklace, masonic pendant Udjat or Eye of Horus in silver plated metal

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Silver plated masonic necklace or pendant

Dimensions: H 2 cm x W 2.5 cm x thickness 1 mm

Silver chain length 46 cm

Symbol : Udjat or chiselled Horus eye

Smooth silver back

MSC 330
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